He's a bad man.

There is evil among us.

We see them on the evening news. Convenience store clerk wounded. Kittens neglected. Lemonade stand blagged. Sometimes the culprits get away with it – the world isn’t always just.

Thankfully, there is a modicum of decency in this world. Times when the beleaguered rise up to confront their tormentors. Today was one of those days.

Kyle Williams was fined $15,000 for his vicious hit on the back of Tom Brady’s calf in the third quarter of Sunday’s game.

Via Buffalo Rumblings, the assault in question:



Like most violent offenders, Williams appeared flabbergasted when confronted with his crime:

“At the same time, I asked the official during the game, ‘What do you want me to do?’ He didn’t say anything. Of course, I wasn’t exactly calm when I asked him. But I’m trying to figure out: You get blocked down, you’re going down. The guy’s still got the ball. I didn’t dive into the side of the leg. I didn’t spear him in the side of the leg. I hit him with my forearm in his calf and he went down.

Have you no decency, Mr Williams? Thankfully Tom is OK. As he got into his sports car with his supermodel wife by his side, the star Quarterback spoke for all of us when he said “I finally won one.”

Let’s remember a more hallowed time. When true sportsman played the game the right way and went home without any of the fines we need so desperately today.

Good clean Football.

h/t to Chris Lund for his sense of decency and responsibility to humankind.