Your face intrigues me.

While Rex Ryan is busy fighting off rumors of his team’s surrender to the 49ers last week, Jets owner Woody Johnson is making news in the tri-state area for all the wrong reasons.

First there was his endorsement of Mitt Romney – completely within his rights – that somehow ended up involving his football team and how much he values them. Woody puts his country first, moron. So even if the Jets went 2-14, MetLife was a barren wasteland on Sundays and profits tumbled it would not matter as long as Romney won the Presidential race.

This, of course, is horse shit. But that doesn’t matter in terms of the Jets on field product, which isn’t doing so hot either. Mark Sanchez is enjoying a horrendous spell which has seen calls for his even worse backup multiply amongst the sane and insane of the Jets fan base.The New York tabloids have shown restraint, willing to see if Sanchez can play himself out of his funk. Restraint and tabloid being written in the same sentence is yet another sign of the impending apocalypse.

The fans are one thing, Ryan has to pay them no heed. It’s another issue when the man that signs the checks believes Tim Tebow should be the starter. Cue ambiguous note from a source close to Johnson that will undoubtedly be overblown.

From ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini:

Don’t underestimate Johnson’s role in this. Two people who know Johnson, and know how he runs his football operation, believe he will push his football people to start Tebow. Let’s be clear: There’s no evidence to suggest this is happening, but only a na├»ve person would think this owner won’t get involved if the product on the field continues to disappoint.

Hold on to your monocles, this will get stupid. Cimini also notes a quote from Johnson at last month’s RNC (surprise):

“You can never have too much Tebow.” Sanchez, in perhaps his most candid comment ever, said of Johnson’s remark, “Trying to sell tickets, man, trying to sell tickets.”

And that really is the bottom line. This Jets team is not good enough to compete in the AFC East. The previously indefatigable Rex Ryan looks tired. Will he be able to hold off the bloodhounds when they come for Sanchez? The answer is clearly no. Cherish this world while we have it. A world in which Tim Tebow isn’t a starter in the NFL. It’s coming. Hold your loved ones.