At every awful industry conference and at every first day of something (i.e. frosh week when everyone is still sober) those getting-to-know-you games are played. They’re called ice breakers, but in truth the goal is to make asses of yourselves while doing something corny, hoping that the shared experience of looking like a complete idiot creates a common bond.

A circle is made, and a generic question is asked that prompts the answerer must be creative. If the event is Google-related the question may have something to do with a dime-sized person and a blender. Often, though, participants are asked the tried, true, and vintage questions, like what they would bring to a deserted island, or where their top vacation destination is, why, and what that says about your inner soul.

Then we get into the completely nonsensical questions, like what kind of candy bar you are. Personally, I’ve always thought of myself as Butterfinger. I stick to the roof of your mouth, and get wedged between your teeth, forcing you to make weird faces to work out the tiny particles of chocolatey goodness. In the end, the annoyance of the consumption is tolerated for said goodness.

So what kind of candy bar is Eagles rookie cornerback Brandon Boykins? We don’t know, but we definitely know that he’s a bar of some kind. Antonio Brown, one of the Steelers’ top wideouts who will oppose Boykins Sunday (although likely not directly), is an expert in these matters.

From Bleeding Green Nation:

“That’s the candy bar,” said Brown. “He’s given up a lot of big plays. Whoever gets that guy definitely needs to take advantage.”

For fantasy purposes I picture Boykins as maybe a coffee crisp, a bar with some crunch, and a mild infusion of energy.

Brown won’t be the receiver who takes advantage of a cushy matchup against a first-year cornerback Sunday. With Asante Samuel gone to Atlanta, Boykins — a fourth-round pick last spring — quickly ascended Philadelphia’s depth chart to become the third CB behind Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. That means while those top two defend Brown and Mike Wallace the majority of the game, Boykins will likely spend most of his afternoon trying to stop Emmanuel Sanders.

This leads to an interesting scenario for fantasy owners during a week heavy with elite WRs on bye weeks. So far Sanders has produced about as much as you’d expect a receiver who’s behind Wallace and Brown to produce. But considering his lack of prominence on the depth chart, it’s still notable that he’s averaging 40.3 yards per game.

Desperate deep league owners of Calvin Johnson, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Vincent Jackson need to open their minds, and welcome Sanders into their lives. Could he do nothing for you? Absolutely. But conversely, could he take advantage of a great matchup and translate that solid production for a third wide receiver in reality to equally solid fantasy WR3 production for one week? Absolutely.

Welcome to your ideal boom vs. bust Week 5 option, kids. And Sanders is owned in only five percent of Yahoo leagues.

Boom goes the dynamite.

And now the links part of the links post…

  • In news that’s surprising to absolutely no one, Aaron Hernandez will be out for at least one more week. [Albert Breer Twitter]
  • Matt Forte has only normal soreness, so you should be only normally worried. [Chicago Sun-times]
  • Kenny Britt is also experiencing moderate soreness. You should be much more than moderately worried. [The Tennessean]
  • Despite his complete absence a week ago, Dennis Pitta is still receiving 20 percent of all the targets among Ravens pass catchers. [Chet Gresham]
  • Shonn Greene is still the Jets’ starting running back. Rex Ryan is still the worst. [Rich Cimini]