Typically, when a movie star goes on a promotional tour, they glad-hand with doting interviewers who seem to grovel in their presence and will essentially orgasm every time said celebrity says anything even remotely funny.

Liam Neeson is not a typical movie star.

When Neeson went on ESPN’s SportsCenter to promote his upcoming movie Taken 2, he didn’t even try to pretend to know anything about sports (especially football), and what followed was one of the most delightfully awkward interviews I have ever seen.

First of all, he didn’t even know that the interview was live. And when he found out that it was, he immediately uttered the word “shit”.

The rest of the interview was a mass confusion of terribly answered sports questions and poorly shoehorned movie references.

The high water mark came about a minute in, when ESPN’s Mike Hill, in a desperate attempt to try to move past the un-bleeped expletive, asked Neeson about Tim Tebow and the quarterback controversy brewing in New York,. Neeson’s sheepish response was “See, you’re speaking ancient Arabic to me”.


Although, to be fair to Neeson, I’m pretty sure ‘Tim Tebow’ is ancient Arabic for ‘Wobbly Spiral’.

Hat tip to Sports Grid for the video