Ricky: "Philadelphia? Looks like he ate Philadelphia"

Friday is upon us, and that means we’re only a couple of days away from another all-day NFL marathon that will no doubt throw your already shaky marriage into turmoil because your wife doesn’t want to watch “the stupid football game” all day. Those of you who would rather be in the doghouse than go antiquing or to Bed Bath and Beyond (to look for matching throw pillows for your couch) are in for a real treat.

As always, I’m here to awkwardly usher you into the weekend with a series semi-humorous captions that are sure to make your heart smile.

Today you’ll learn about traditional Native American headwear, Andy Reid’s strange diet, Kevin Kolb’s fantasy team, and the cinematic classic- The Warriors.

A Chiefs fan wearing traditional Native American garb, right down to the aviator sunglasses.


Kevin Kolb just came to the realization that he started himself in his own fantasy football league.


"Buuuuuffffaaallllllooooo come out to play-e-ay!"


Surprisingly, this is the least hairy woman in all of Denver.


Obvious joke is obvious


Now there ain’t but 20 thousand police in the whole town! Can you dig it? Can you dig it? CAN YOU DIG IT?!?!?!?

Happy thanksgiving to all you Canadian readers out there, don’t forget to gorge on turkey and mashed potatoes until your lungs fill up with gravy. There’s no death more honorable than OD’ing on traditional thanksgiving walking bird.


Worst case Ontario.