*Starts slow clap, seeks out DeAngelo Williams for bro shug*

I was forced to start DeAngelo Williams on one of my teams today, and the result was -1.60 fantasy points after he had just six yards on six carries, and he lost a fumble. When you would need 100 carries at your current pace to run the length of a football field, that’s bad.

But I don’t blame DeAngelo Williams for being DeAngelo Williams. I blame myself for walking into a bye mess this week in a deep league (still love you, DeMarco Murray and Mikel Leshoure), and having little other choice.

I’m wearing it, and so will everyone else who started Williams today. As he quite rightly observed, we suck. Unfortunately, there are people on the Internet who tweet that lethal shit, and were compelled to inform Williams that due to his inability to earn them fake points, his sexual orientation is now in question, among other things.

I weep for you, planet Earth.