In injury news that will only impact the Steelers-Eagles game if Michael Vick is able to grasp a football and then retain said grasp for a prolonged period of time, Troy Polamalu limped off the field with a calf injury.

In a game that was his first since Week 1 due to the same injury, Polamalu aggravated his calf after just a quarter of play, showing us once again that he’s an increasingly brittle mess at the age of 31. Without his hard-hitting and ball-hawking presence for possibly the rest of the afternoon, both Vick and Eagles receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin will benefit.

That’s again assuming that Vick is able to avoid further embarrassment and execute the basic skill of holding on to a football after fumbling three times (two lost), and once at the Steelers’ three-yard line. He now has 11 turnovers through just 17 quarters of play this year, a crushing trend obviously for Vick owners, but more importantly for anyone who owns anyone on the sputtering and stumbling Eagles offense.