Ed. Note: Today is Thanksgiving in the great nation of Canada. It’s sort of like American Thanksgiving, except much worse because there’s no NFL triple-header, and therefore we have to converse with our families. As such, content will be lighter, but here’s Oliver Macklem with some timely advice, and Rob Pizzola will be around shortly with his Monday Night Football pick for those who mix gambling with family time.

Every fantasy sports league ever has one player on the waiver wire who serves as a litmus test. If said player is picked up, it means the team he is heading to, well, sucks. He’s that one guy whose rotten stench has permeated your nostrils because he’s been sitting on the waiver wire for so long, and he’s just not  productive enough for any owner to consider picking him up. Any team willing to lay hands on this player is clearly doomed and is openly admitting to failure.

In fantasy basketball, Tayshaun Prince has held this title for the last decade. In fantasy hockey, the honor definitely goes to Todd Bertuzzi, who has slid comfortably into this role for the last eight years, seven months, and 21 days. In fantasy baseball, Michael Cuddyer gets the nod with the one tool he possesses out of the five that are desired.

And yes, in fantasy football, that person is Devery Henderson. The model of inconsistency, Henderson will explode for 20 fantasy points twice a season. This happens for one of two reasons: either defenses tire of respecting the one route (run straight) that he’s capable of running, or injuries force Drew Brees to throw Devery’s way more often. The latter occurred on Sunday night with Jimmy Graham and Lance Moore injured, and Henderson caught eight passes for 123 yards and a touchdown. Henderson missed Week 2 with a concussion, but in his previous three games combined prior to last night he had only six receptions for 74 yards, awful production he easily trumped in one game due to the correct alignment of the stars. He had more than five fantasy points for the first time this season.

Generally speaking, chasing last week’s stats is a cardinal sin in fantasy. But there’s no worse sin than admitting defeat in Week 6 by picking up Devery Henderson.

If my words aren’t enough to convince you, some hero on YouTube put together this compilation: