When there's nothing left to lose.

“Remember this moment. Remember how awful Fitz is. Don’t let anyone talk to you about his TD numbers and try to argue he’s decent. He’s atrocious.”

“That first down throw might be Fitz’s worst yet. I’m impressed that he’s finding new lows.”

“At this point, we all should just stop watching.”

There came a point two years ago when I wondered why I even bothered.

I was sitting in an office at an elementary school in Incheon, South Korea, watching Stevie Johnson drop what would’ve been the game winning touchdown pass in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Shortly after Stevie blamed god for his problems. So did I to be honest. After that day I vowed never to care that much again. Never to allow a game played a world away make me the worst English teacher Asia had ever seen.

That decision made watching the Bills tolerable. Apathy took over for myself and the Bills fans I knew. Don’t expect anything and maybe we’ll be surprised was the the credo to live by. Just give us a reason to watch.

Coming into this season there were reasons. Ralph actually spent money, a fact many supporters couldn’t believe. When it was reported Mario Williams would make Buffalo his first stop on his free agent tour a mix of disbelief and irrational optimism took over. As the process drew on expectations were tempered. Then he signed. People went nuts and the idea of the Bills being relevant again was enough to make even the most cynical fan excited.

Don’t expect anything.

We’re on the brink of another lost season. Another year when expectations meet reality in the most humiliating fashion. All we want is a reason to watch. A reason to care about a thoroughly sub average team that will head into the off-season with more holes than pieces – again.

The loss in San Francisco will be remembered for the defense’s capitulation when faced with a well coached team for the second week in a row. No argument here. However, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s craptastic play was the take away for me.

Starting Tarvaris Jackson would make me watch. If only to avoid another Fitzpatrick three hour variety show that features an under thrown pass on a 5 yard out route that Geno Smith makes in his sleep. I’m not delusional. T-Jack is not and will never be a savior for any franchise in the NFL – I see you Seahawks fans. What he will bring is a sense of the unknown that isn’t there when Fitzpatrick is under center.

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His last season in Seattle was the best of his career. For all of his faults, arm strength isn’t one of them. Chan Gailey has had success with QB’s of similar skill sets. The Bills aren’t obligated to keep him after the year is done and the best case scenario sees him firmly entrenched as the backup QB next season.

Yet he remains third on the depth chart behind Tyler Thigpen. Tyler fuckin’ Thigpen. Gailey’s explanation:

“I don’t think that is in any way true. He works every day with David [Lee] and learning the calls and stands back there, doing the mental gymnastics of playing the position. But until you see him take reps with our guys, with our receivers, throwing our routes and doing our reads with our protection calls, you don’t know if he’s got it. Mentally, it’s easy to stand back there, but doing it when you got 3.8 seconds to get it all done, it’s a little bit different. It wouldn’t be fair to put him in there right now.”

I’m at a loss. The Bills offensive line has been great this year, affording Fitzpatrick ample time to sit in the pocket. Jackson isn’t a rookie. He’s been in the league for six years.

We aren’t idiots. Once again this franchise is hindered by money doled out in seasons past. Benching the recently paid Fitzpatrick is a non-starter for the Bills penny pinching front office.

Just tell us that. The truth is the least this fan base deserves.