You were warned, Robert Griffin III, and the Redskins. Just because Griffin is fast and able to make plays with his legs and run an option offense effectively doesn’t mean he should do it nearly every play.

Two weeks ago prior to Week 4, we were worried about you, Robert, and not just because you were in the wandering crosshairs of some home-wreaking vixen, and not because of the possibility that you’ll have a son and also name him Robert Griffin and he’ll become a linebacker, and a Griffin will sack a Griffin 20 years from now to begin the slow implosion of our world.

No, we were worried because the third edition of the Griffin name was getting crunched regularly, and through just three games he had already been hit 54 times, the majority of which came on either scrambles or designed runs. So we wondered if Griffin would break, and we praised our fantasy football deities nightly for their efforts to ensure his prolonged health. Losing Griffin for any length of time will be incredibly damaging since he’s the third best point producer at his position, and also the third highest out of all the positions.

Then Sunday, this happened

A hit that was as inevitable as it was avoidable knocked Griffin out of the Redskins’ eventual loss to the Falcons, and although he’s since repeatedly said that he feels good and isn’t experiencing any symptoms, concussions are always an unpredictable injury.

But so far, there’s good news. Griffin practiced today, although he participated on a limited basis and without contact. It may not have been Griffin’s normal practice workload, but he still took a “significant amount” of reps, according to head coach Mike Shanahan.

That’s all good, warm, and tingly news that leads to the spread of a shit-eating grin across your face as you say something to your opponent this week which includes several references to whoop ass, and opening multiple cases of it. Yes, get excited, Griffin owner, because today was very much a good day in the Ice Cube sense of the term. But do it knowing that we still won’t hear anything concrete regarding your quarterback’s playing status until Friday, when he’s maybe, hopefully, and probably cleared for contact.

And a few more notes about pain and such…

  • Mark Anderson (knee): Hey guys, remember that really scary Bills pass rush? Yeah, Super Mario is looking like the Princess who’s in another castle far, far away, and Mark Anderson will miss significant time with a knee injury. Head coach Chan Gailey was intentionally vague while relying information to the media about Anderson’s injury this afternoon. He said it’s serious, but not serious enough to threaten his season. Now a Bills defense that was already a prime streaming option has become even more appealing. [Buffalo News]
  • Robert Mathis (knee): Speaking of great streaming defenses and knee injuries, the Colts will be playing without Mathis for two-to-three weeks. [Mike Chappell]
  • Troy Polamalu (calf) and LaMarr Woodley (hamstring): Continuing what’s turned into a list of crushing defensive injuries that could be very helpful for fantasy purposes, both Polamalu and Woodley have been ruled out for tomorrow night. Now suddenly Chris Johnson has a chance, making your decision to bench him in a poor matchup only moderately difficult. Those in 10-team leagues should still take a long look at their bench, but managers in 12-team leagues may not have a choice, and if that’s the case at least now they’ve been given the gift of hope. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • Aaron Hernandez (ankle): When Hernandez made a surprise early return to practice late last week and nearly played against the Broncos, it was an encouraging sign that he’d be ready for Week 6. Those positive vibes continued when he practiced today, although his level of participation is unclear at this point. You’ll likely have to monitor this situation closely right up until kickoff, and unfortunately the Patriots have a late-afternoon kickoff that could complicate your roster decision as they visit the west coast to play the Seahawks. [ESPN Boston]