Stat corrections happen every week, but they’re an element of the fantasy fun/crushing anguish that primarily concerns those in IDP leagues. That’s because most often the corrections are applied to a defensive player who was miscredited with a tackle or sack, and the latter mistake is especially important because a sack is worth a significant chunk of points (as with any scoring it varies from league to league, but a sack is most commonly worth five points).

The NFL goes through game film and determines where corrections are needed, and then notifies the stat bureaus (Elias, Stats Inc, etc.) Wednesday night. Then they in turn notify all the major fantasy sites, and the corrections are inputted to your roster by Thursday morning. It’s a simple, standard trickle-down process, right?

Yeah, sure. Except when it’s not.

With the new weekly Thursday night game all year, the result of that process now is that while our fantasy focus is on tonight’s game and therefore we’ve moved on to the next week, decisions that could impact last week’s matchup and result are still being made.

Again, most often the mental agony associated with stat corrections is isolated to those in IDP leagues. But there are rare, trying times when that pain or exuberance is far more widespread.

Friends, today is one of those times.

The play in question was initially ruled a lateral, and therefore on the stat sheet it showed up as a 13-yard rushing score for Mendenhall, and Roethlisberger wasn’t involved. Now it’s been determined that the pass did indeed move forward, giving Roethlisberger 13 more passing yards, and most importantly, a passing touchdown.

The touchdown is massive in what was otherwise a blah, yawn fest of a game for Big Ben, who originally finished with 207 passing yards, with no TDs or INTs. Roethlisberger was a late-round pick due his presumed ability to consistently have weeks exactly like this one, although so far that hasn’t been the case (he has 1,124 passing yards with nine touchdowns and only one interception). So for many he’s a source of bench depth, and also the ideal bye week filler this past week during, say, Matthew Stafford’s bye.

He was started in 36.3 percent of ESPN leagues, and now instead of having just 11 fantasy points between his passing and rushing totals, this correction gives Roethlisberger another four points for a total of 15 (most leagues award four points for a passing touchdown, but some give six).

That means somewhere out there in both basements and offices, there’s a very reasonable chance that narrow wins have become narrow losses three days after the fantasy week concluded.

If you stay completely silent for a few minutes, you can hear screams in the distance.