The Detroit Lions are off to a surprising 1-3 start this season, and even though team president Tom Lewand isn’t very concerned about it, good starts by both the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears already see the Lions three behind both teams in the win column. Coming off their 10-6 2011 season, the team had high hopes for another shot at the playoffs in 2012.

To make matters worse for Detroit, arguably their best player, wide receiver Calvin Johnson, admitted to 97.1 The Ticket in Michigan that he sustained a concussion during a Week 2 loss to the Vikings. Many believed Johnson would be out for the game after a helmet-to-helmet hit by linebacker Chad Greenway. But Megatron returned after being tested by the medical staff.

Now Johnson is saying he did have a concussion, despite head coach Jim Schwartz denying the receiver’s assessment.

From Johnson:

“Yeah, you could tell. It was obvious. I said exactly what I meant, but I guess you could take it out of context. What I meant when I said you have to keep going is you can’t be afraid to go over the middle. Not that you get concussed you have to keep playing. We know you can’t do that if you don’t pass the test, but you can’t be afraid to keep on going over the middle and doing what we’ve been doing.”

And from Schwartz:

“Our evaluation was he was not concussed. He was thoroughly checked. We were strong in our evaluation.”

And so the conflicting statements have begun.

Just for the record, in that game, Johnson caught five balls for 54 yards, but did have two balls go through his hands after he returned.