Arian Foster's goal-line efficiency is the new inefficiency.

Watching as your running back is repeatedly stuffed at the goal-line goes beyond a feeling of loss. You feel betrayed, cold, and alone.

It’s a special kind of failure even though it happens so often, because the inability to finish a drive that may have otherwise been successful for your RB leads to the kind of crazy which digs that ass dent in your couch several inches deeper. Trust me, I know.

An end zone drop by a wide receiver is the equivalent of a car wreak. It’s painful, and sometimes fatal, but it’s also sudden and over quickly. Your top running back can get stuffed multiple times, and sometimes even on back-to-back plays. It’s one of the most cruel punishments fantasy football has to offer.

Of course, you don’t draft a running back solely because of his goal-line ability. But it’s nice to know that the deal can be finished, and the red zone RB slayer can be defeated swiftly. So, who’s the best at such sword wielding tomfoolery? There’s a chart for that.

Rotoworld’s Chet Gresham was kind enough to look back through the first five weeks of the season thus far, and chart the success (or lack thereof) of running backs who have had a minimum of two rushing attempts inside the opponent’s five yard line. What he found is that the leading point scorer at the position could be much, much better.

Arian Foster leads all running backs in Yahoo leagues with 95 points, and it’s not even close, because despite his brilliance Jamaal Charles is still significantly behind with 80 points. But Foster is tied with Jackie Battle for the league lead in goal-line carries, and he’s only converted three of his nine attempts.

That’s somewhat tolerable, though, because while Foster isn’t lacking in strength, he’s still not quite your typical goal-line pounder, as he excels more in the open field. Adrian Peterson is equal parts speed and brute strength, but he’s only converted two of his seven attempts, a low rate that can surely be attributed to his ACL injury.

But what’s Willis McGahee’s excuse? He’s only scored on three of his seven attempts. While that leaves his owners wanting, those three TDs are already only one behind the total rushing scores he had last year, so meh, right?

No, not meh. That kind of goal-line inefficiency is always maddening. Always.

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