I was predisposed to hating the Dallas Cowboys.

Most Cowboys fans I met were insufferable douchebags – winning tends to do that. Cracks about the Bills penchant for failing on the must public stage possible were hurled with glee. Little did those folks know how much we would have in common just a few years later. Welcome to the suck.

Baltimore dropped the Cowboys by two points in an entertaining affair at M & T bank stadium. For all their faults the Cowboys deserved better. Facing 3rd and 27 – game over pretty much – Tony Romo held it together, finding Jason Witten and Dez Bryant to keep the drive alive.

Bryant’s clearly a beast, but the confounding issues that drive neutral observers insane remain. Bryant’s TD grab late in the fourth quarter drew Dallas to within two points. Bryant pushed off on the score and should’ve been flagged – which made his complaining act on the ensuing two point conversion attempt that much funnier. There was no interference. Bryant simply dropped the ball.

In many ways Bryant is the perfect front man for a franchise that is treading water with nowhere to go.

On the other side it was an absence that stood out during Dallas’ final touchdown drive. Ray Lewis watched from the sidelines as his defense attempted to stop Romo & Co. Lewis looks tired. This cutting edge analysis helps explain why a supposedly vaunted defense has looked so thoroughly average thus far. Terrell Suggs can’t get healthy soon enough.

Even though Jacoby Jones tied an NFL record with a 108 yard kick return that was supposed to destroy what was left of the Cowboys collective psyche, Romo kept coming. Somehow the ‘Boys/America’s team/team owned by the crazy Texan from the Simpsons recovered the onside kick after Bryant’s blunder and had a shot at salvaging their season.

Dan Bailey missed the kick, because that’s what the Cowboys have become. America’s punchline. The team some care about, but many more hate. Their failure is our catharsis. Tony Romo will be the but of many horrible homophobic jokes, Dez Bryant’s inconsistency will be offensively referenced by Colin Cowherd and Jason Garett will put his house on the market.

They deserved better. Such is life in the insane asylum Jerry built. To the Cowboys fans that loved to mock, I welcome you to our exclusive club. Mediocrity ain’t so bad when you just give up.