Every member of the Ravens’ defense will have a knee injury of some kind at the conclusion of their game against the Cowboys this afternoon. It’s trendy, and it’s the new Gangnam Style.

First it was Lardarius Webb, and then Haloti Ngata followed. The Ravens have now confirmed that both of their key defensive anchors have knee sprains, making their returns questionable at best, and highly unlikely.

While the result of those injuries would typically be an aerial bombardment due to the lack of both pocket pressure on Tony Romo and elite coverage down the field, there’s a far more troubling problem that’s not directly connected to the absence of Ngata and Webb, and also Terrell Suggs. A ground gashing is underway, and there’s blood everywhere.

With two minutes left in the second quarter, the Cowboys already have 120 rushing yards, 90 of which have come from DeMarco Murray. The ravens have also already allowed two runs of 20 yards or more after coming into this game having allowed only two such runs over five games. One of those long scampers was by Felix Jones for a 22-yard score, who’s remarkably alive, and prior to today he had only 13 yards.

That’s 13 yards on the season, of course. So yeah, it hasn’t exactly been a shining half for a typically daunting ground defense, and on the other side of the ball it’s been a highly productive two fantasy quarters by Murray. Yet somehow, this game is still tied 10-10, mostly because Romo (UPDATE: 17-10 Ravens because hahaha).

As I wrote this, the man who’s liberal in his interception distribution chucked one down the middle and into the hands of Dannell Ellerbe, and in fairness he may have been victimized by a botched Kevin Ogletree route. There is no fair with the Romo narrative though. Only unhinged vitriol.

Scream on, Romo haters. Scream on.