Moments before Shawne Merriman was cut I sang his praises. “He can make a difference with 10 snaps a game, do you remember how terrible Chris Kelsay is and how could it hurt?” was the general sentiment.

Once again the Bills’ braintrust managed to make me look foolish. Yes, Merriman is a shell of the dominant pass rusher he once was — 2007 was a long time ago — but with the injury to Mark Anderson the Bills need depth at the position.

This makes the decision to bring Merriman back so curious. Why replace an injured player with someone that struggles to stay healthy sans PED’s and shady doctors? The idea harkens back to my thoughts on cut day. Expecting consistent production from the former Charger is unreasonable, but there is the chance he can make one game-changing play — one forced fumble that propels the Bills to a victory.

For Merriman, this is probably it. He looked slow during the preseason. After being cut Merriman indicated he was waiting for a 3-4 team to call. Unless Dave W. and 4Chan have radically altered the defensive scheme over night, I believe the Bills remain in a 4-3. He’s desperate, as are the Bills – this makes perfect sense.

Onward to Tennessee, a must win game with Houston and New England coming up afterwards. Make me look good for once, Shawne.