All hail black Jesus.

It seems the term “black Jesus” is more than just an awful Everlast song, and a good way to get lost in the deepest depths of the Internet for a few hours. Black Jesus lives, and his human reincarnation is Robert Griffin III.

Fred Davis is familiar with the dogma of Black Jesus. And with unwavering confidence yesterday after Griffin’s 138 rushing yards that included two scores on the ground during Washington’s 38-26 win over Minnesota, Davis declared that the Redskins QB is in fact Black Jesus.

From the D.C. Sports Bog, behold Davis’ comments to Comcast’s Rob Carlin shortly after the game :

“You really can’t say much more,” Davis said. “I mean, like I said, he’s Black Jesus right now. He saved us today. He’s a great player. He makes plays. And he did what he had to do on that third down. We’ve been talking about him protecting himself a lot more, but he seen an opening and made a play. And what can you say? I mean, he’s a great player.”

I don’t know about you, but I believe everything an amateur lawyer tells me.