Keep your head up, big buy.

Any Reid offered words of confidence, but they meant so very little. They mean little to Michael Vick, and they meant little to Juan Castillo.

Now, Castillo is gone, finally becoming the victim of his own incompetence as a defensive coordinator.

The Eagles fired Castillo this morning, with Reid putting the usual boiler plate reaction on the decision, saying it was a hard one make while packing Castillo’s belongs in a box, and sending off the first casualty of another mediocre season thus far for a team with a talent level that’s far above any form of mediocrity. It’s not hard to connect the dots back to Reid, though, and beyond just the record of his under-performing team. That’s simply because Castillo was in his position after being appointed by Reid, even though he had no experience whatsoever as a defensive coordinator after spending his entire time with the Eagles on the other side of the ball, first as an offensive assistant, and then later coaching the tight ends and the offensive line.

The result was a defense that gave up 30 or more points five times last year, but the improvement in the second half of 2011 following the Eagles’ bye was enough to save Castillo’s job after Philly won only two of its first six games and was continually gashed by the run. Now mediocrity has returned, with the Eagles 13th in points allowed per game (20.8), 15th in rushing yards (104.5), and 15th in passing (226.3). That middle pack residency persists despite the addition of DeMeco Ryans to ease the tension from those weekly ground gashings, and the fact that Nnamdi Asomugha — the best cornerback in the game not named Darrelle Revis — is still employed by the Eagles.

So no, this was not a difficult move to foresee, especially after there was a disagreement between Asomugha and Castillo — who will be replaced by Todd Bowles — during the Eagles’ loss to Detroit this past Sunday in which the coordinator changed the coverage on Calvin Johnson, an odd move that contributed to the evaporation of a 10-point lead with only five minutes remaining.

From a fantasy perspective there won’t be an immediate change, of course, so feel free to keep streaming against a surprisingly average Eagles defense that has only seven sacks (30th) after Jason Babin alone had seven through the Eagles’ first six games last year. Their upcoming schedule features some potent offenses with elite fantasy quarterbacks, starting with Matt Ryan and the Falcons next week following a Week 7 bye, and then the Saints, Cowboys, and Redskins.

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