Oh, it’s still several degrees of insane. Between running, punt protecting, kick coverage, and — god willing — maybe even throwing a pass or two, Tim Tebow is indeed a Jack of all the trades for the Jets, and a master of no trades. But there’s an intriguing element this week which adds a wrinkle to his minimal (read: barely existing) fantasy value, and possibly even makes him playable for the most desperate of owners in the deepest of leagues.

Two weeks ago, I told you to at least consider adding Tebow, with your motivation for such a thought being that Mark Sanchez sucks, and even on the sucky Jets Tebow still has fantasy value as a starting quarterback if he were to take over the job at some point. Say what you will about his religion, his rain running, or your pursuit of his virginity (good luck), but those are all just narratives that keep Skip Bayless employed. What matters is that in only 11 starts last year, Tebow was one of the highest per game fantasy point producers at his position, rushing for 660 yards. As a quarterback.

And despite some flickering signs of life recently from Sanchez, those in deep-ish leagues should still consider a speculative Tebow add. If you have the roster space, why not stash some potential playoff gold?

But today, we’re focused on other Tebow matters, and even further, desperate reaching.

Unless you’ve taking up permanent residency in some sort of Tebow bunker (where is it? LET ME IN), you’re surely aware by now that there’s a strong possibility the messiah will receive more carries Sunday against the Patriots. That’s because both Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight are injured, leaving only undrafted rookie free agent Jonathan Grimes behind Shonn Greene. That equation likely means more Tebow (*shudders*).

Yesterday Jets head coach Rex Ryan said that there’s a “possibility” Tebow will see more time at running back due the absence of Powell and McKnight. So far through six games, Tebow has 18 carries (averaging three per game) for 64 yards. That’s a meager per carry average of 3.6, which means so very little with such an incredibly small sample size. What’s important is that of those 64 total yards, 41 of them have come over two carries. When the Tebow gets a rumblin’, everyone else gets stumblin’.

That’s especially appealing down near the goal line, a place where we’ve seen plenty of Tebow appearances this year, and a place where he scored six rushing touchdowns last year. When we add that scoring ability to the pepped up angst/desperation that’s built due to the glut of teams on byes this week and the running backs they employ, suddenly rostering Tebow and maybe even considering him for a flex spot where you would usually play an RB becomes a little less desperate, but still pretty desperate.

The list of top-end, every week starters on byes this week is as follows (avert your eyes): Michael Turner, Ryan Mathews, LeSean McCoy, Willis McGahee, Jamaal Charles, and Reggie Bush. So let’s enter the mind of their deep-league owners, and let’s also assume they missed out on Felix Jones earlier this week on the wire. If their confidence in whatever RB3 or RB4 they have on their bench is lacking (I know, I hate DeAngelo Williams too), this hypothetical person is now left reaching for the likes of Joique Bell and LeGarrette Blount, who are floundering in most free agent pools. They’re both fine fliers, and I’d quite obviously lean towards Blount after his 58 rushing yards and a touchdown last week.

But if your league allows QB flex plays and you’re in one of the 30 percent of ESPN leagues where Blount or someone similar isn’t available, Tebow is suddenly a little less awful. You’ve already reached the point where you’re grasping for a touchdown, and that’s Tebow’s primary purpose as a goal-line running back, meaning flexing him could be a sneaky way to get six or seven points.

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