Physically at least, but maybe emotionally. Or perhaps he’s just not that good anymore, and never was, but we’ll leave those barbs for another day. We still understand human emotion around here, although we try not to acknowledge it.

During the Jaguars loss to Oakland that was surprisingly entertaining in a Three Stooges meets Donald Duck sort of way, the cruel hand of darkness spun its evil powers on Gabbert. Just when he began to look competent again for the first time in a long time, he was crunched and left with a shoulder injury. At first the severity was unclear, although Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said his starting quarterback has a good chance to play in Week 8.

Now there’s talk of a tear, but thankfully it’s located in the shoulder that Gabbert doesn’t use 30 some odd times per game to throw a football. ESPN’s Ed Werder reported preliminary results of an MRI showed Gabbert may have torn the labrum in his non-throwing shoulder. It’s an injury that would be of the season-ending variety if it was located in the opposite shoulder, but since men who play football are not of this Earth and possess minds which often do not allow for rational thought, Gabbert won’t be out for the season. Nope, not at all, and there’s still a chance he could play this week.

To resume our disregard for human life, normally news of Gabbert’s sort of OK health would be greeted with a whole lot of meh, because despite his scattered displays of vital signs, he’s still mostly a replacement-level quarterback. But actually, I think he could worse than that with his 5.2 yards per pass attempt this year, his QB rating of 77.2, and his only nine completions of 20 yards or more while averaging 151 passing yards per game (for some perspective, the crappy Mark Sanchez has a still crappy 21 completions for +20 yards).

His inability to connect deep is the most concerning, and is the reason why many (myself included) think Gabbert may even be below replacement level, as he’s sucking back all the potential and all the hopes and dreams that Justin Blackmon had, the same hope that keeper league owners had for him when he was drafted highly.

Blackmon still hasn’t logged even a 50-yard receiving game, and he has two games with below 10 yards. So we say #FreeChadHenne, because as impressively woeful as he was in relief Sunday (3.6 YPA), he at least has a history of being sort of alright, and moderately — so, so moderately — above replacement level during his time in Miami.

Sadly, at this point nearly halfway through his second season, the Gabbert experiment is still failing, and he’s well on his way to being replaced next year by either Geno Smith or Matt Barkley anyway. Sooner or later, that fork has to be wedged a little deeper.

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