It’s a damn shame too, because Lisfranc injuries are all rage around the NFL. But eventually like every other trend it’ll get killed and crushed deep into the ground, just like Gangnam Style. Nice things cannot be yours.

After we were all prompted to defecate in our pants yesterday with the possibility that Maurice Jones-Drew could be out for the season due to a Lisfranc injury, that bullet has reportedly been dodged Matrix stylez. Deliver us your sweet gospel words, Adam Schefter:

Maurice Jones-Drew has a sprained foot the team believes will sideline him multiple games. He does not need foot surgery, which means he does not have Lisfranc, per team source.

That multiple-game absence still means Jones-Drew owners need to claim Rashad Jennings prior to early-morning waiver deadlines tomorrow. But hey, your top running back who’s averaging nearly five yards per carry despite having Blaine Gabbert as his quarterback isn’t done for the year. So smile, dance, and be joyous.

UPDATE: Actually, maybe hold off on that dancing and gyrating. Whereas Schefter used a soft word to describe Jones-Drew’s likely absence (“multiple,” meaning at least two), NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport chose a much stronger adjective after speaking to his sources. Rapoport says that while MJD won’t need surgery and therefore he won’t be out for the season, he’s still expected to miss “significant” time.

Vague, scary words are still the best.