We’ve all made trades we regret. Sometimes you realize right away, and sometimes you don’t realize at all. But most fantasy fanatics have had at least one forgettable trade.

Well, to comfort you after any botched trades and inspire you to try trading again, I present the five worst trades of all-time made by real general mangers in the NFL. Take solace in the fact that you probably won’t screw up as bad as these GMs who are paid to do this:

5. Rams trade Jerome Bettis to the Steelers for TE Ernie Conwell and T Ryan Tucker

4. Buccaneers trade Steve Young to 49ers for LB Winston Moss and WR Bruce Hill

3. Colts trade Marshall Faulk to Rams for LB Mike Peterson and DE Brad Scioli

2. Vikings trade five players and six draft picks for Herschel Walker. Those picks would include Emmitt Smith and Darren Woodson. Walker would play three uninspiring years in Minnesota.

1. Colts trade John Elway to Broncos for QB Mark Hermann, T Chris Hinton and G Ron Solt

At least your mistakes impact rosters and teams that don’t really exist.

BUY: Matt Schaub

Appearances can be deceiving, and although the Houston Texans lead the league with 248 rushing attempts, their ground game is not nearly as devastating as it was last year. Houston has completely overhauled the right side of their offensive line, replacing all-pro tackle Eric Winston and right guard Mike Brisiel.

The results have not been very positive, as a rushing attack that averaged 4.5 yards per carry in 2011 is averaging just 4.0 yards per carry this year – good for the 16th-best mark in the league. As Houston’s issues in the run game become more apparent, expect the Texans to start turning to the passing game. Matt Schaub’s passing yardage has increased in each of the last four weeks, and a trend that should continue.

The final selling point on Schaub is that he has an absolutely delightful fantasy playoff schedule. Matchups with Tennessee and New England in weeks 13 and 14, are followed by meetings with Indianapolis in weeks 15 and 17. A home date with Minnesota in Week 16 is the only potentially rough spot, but Houston’s schedule is as good as any QB will have for the second season.

Players I would trade to acquire Matt Schaub: Mike Vick, Tony Romo, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Luck

SELL: Shonn Greene

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. The opportunity to trade Shonn Greene is likely going to be a very short and small one. Greene produced 45 percent of his fantasy points in Week 6 against the Indianapolis Colts – a defense that ranks 28th against the run. He followed that up with a deceiving performance against the Patriots. He rushed for just 3.3 yards per carry vs. New England, but a touchdown gave him a very respectable 14 fantasy points. These two games have created a small window for you to trade Greene, before his stock plummets back to earth.

At 27 years of age and in his fourth year in the NFL, it’s fair to assume that we’ve already seen the best Greene has to offer. He has a career rushing average of 4.2 yards per carry, and his mark of 3.5 YPC this season ranks 34th among running backs. The Jets’ offensive line isn’t a very imposing group, and the team’s overall inept passing attack fails to provide any balance for the running game. You should pull the trigger on a Greene trade before this mirage disappears.

Players I would target when trading Shonn Greene: Doug Martin, Mikel LeShoure, DeMarco Murray, BenJarvus Green-Ellis

And if you have any trades that you are currently pondering, feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll give you my two cents worth