Throughout this season we’ve found ourselves repeatedly and extensively examining a man’s groin. Long ago I shed my awkward feelings about this, and it helped yesterday when we learned that Greg Jennings’ injury is a little more serious than just your standard-issue groin pull. Still, we’re hoping this is the last time we write anything on the matter for a few weeks, although that goal will surely fail.

We’re dedicating more prestigious blog space to Jennings because following some scary, horrifying news yesterday that he may be out up to six weeks after his procedure to correct a sports hernia and therefore his season — or at least his fantasy season — was in serious doubt, a slightly better diagnosis surfaced last night while we were all busy watching Doug Martin trample dudes (more on that a little later).

So thanks for that, Adam Schefter.

Last night Schefter reported that after he has his surgery this Tuesday, doctors expect Jennings to be out for three weeks, meaning that including this weekend’s game against the Jaguars he’ll miss another month. Yes, that’s awful, depressing, and it could lead you towards brown beverage consumption at 11 a.m. on this lovely Friday instead of 12. But there’s some silver-colored lining hidden amongst that pile of building crap.

With the Packers’ bye conveniently scheduled for Week 10, Jennings will only miss two more games beyond this week, and be slated to return on Nov. 25 against the Giants. We have to assume that he’ll be returning at full health too, because given his prolonged fight with the same injury and the Packers’ recent success without him, there’s no reason at all to rush the recovery.

So since I’m feeling optimistic due to either the usual uplifting feelings of Friday or the box of cookies I just ate for breakfast (#bloglife), let’s pretend this best-case scenario is indeed true. If so, you’ll have a healthy Jennings back on your fake roster in time for the fantasy playoffs, when he has dates against the Bears, Lions, and Titans lined up. Two of those matchups sound a little daunting against the Packers’ division rivals due to their quality pass rushes and solid (Bears) or moderately pretty good (Lions) secondaries. But against essentially the same units last year Jennings posted 74 yards and a touchdown on the Lions in Week 12, and 119 yards on nine receptions against the Bears in Week 3.

Your faith in Jennings will be damaged, and understandably so, because once he comes back in Week 12 — if he comes back in Week 12 — he will have missed seven games. But right now at the very least you possess an injury flier to stash on your bench, similar to Pierre Garcon. They’re both ailing potential studs when they’re healthy, and late-season returns could lead to playoff riches.

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