Also, God hates Kansas City.

Chiefs fans were given exactly what they wanted, and what they wanted was to have a failed quarterback (Brady Quinn) replace their failing quarterback (Matt Cassel). Everything was going as horribly as expected during Quinn’s first start under the unquestioned starter tag — and more than just an injury replacement — with his interception after just four pass attempts, and his one (ONE) passing yard on said four attempts against the Raiders. Since Oakland employs Carson Palmer, no more than nine people should be watching this game.

But the Quinn nightmare has likely ended abruptly, the same way that Cassel’s own dark dreams began a few weeks ago. It was Cassel and not Quinn who came out for the Chiefs’ first drive of the second quarter. That’s because Quinn can’t play quarterback when he’s getting his brain examined.

Quinn was and still is in the locker room, according to reports from the CBS broadcast. He’s being examined for a head injury, and with the league’s increased awareness of concussion issues, players rarely return once they’ve exited for a head evaluation.

So enjoy Cassel and his 14 turnovers so far this year, Chiefs fans. Were it not for the name and number on his jersey, you wouldn’t know the difference.