Troy Aikman was trying to sell us on the merits of seeing Kenny Chesney live. As I cleared the blood out of my ears Tony Romo was under throwing a pass to an uncovered Dez Bryant. It should’ve been a touchdown. Sadly that was a highlight for Tony in a half marred by comically inept passing from Jerry Jones’ favorite quarterback.

Three interceptions — one taken back for a touchdown by Jason Pierre-Paul — brought out the twitter trolls from far and wide. Making fun of Tony Romo is no longer funny. It’s low hanging fruit that should be left untouched.

After falling into a hole the Boys have come all the way back and now lead 24-23 in the fourth quarter. Romo’s numbers are borderline acceptable — 320 yards, 1 TD, 3 interceptions — but we must never forget the Quarterback we saw in the early moment’s of this afternoon’s game.

In fact the entire game is an excellent microcosm of who Romo is as a QB. Wildly fluctuating between above and below average. One day Jerry Jones will realize this. For now the Cowboys remain mired in mediocrity. Beating the Giants twice would be excellent, but in the end we know who this team is.

Knowing the inevitable sucks.

Update: Romo connects with Dez Bryant to win the game – or did he. Bryant’s finger was out of bounds. Dallas loses, the narrative lives. Man.