It’s OK, embrace fear. Embrace worry. Embrace it all, and welcome it into your life, Vernon Davis owners.

A week ago, Davis was just a man without a target, let alone a catch from a target. He was completely absent during the 49ers’ 13-6 win over Seattle, as one of the league’s premier players at his position went an entire game without even being targeted, and given an opportunity to contribute.

That was last Thursday, and while the worry was already escalating then because pulling parts of our body out is a long-held fantasy ritual, there was an assumption/hope that what we saw last week was just a one-game outlier. And in a basic sense it was, as Davis was actually targeted last night, but only twice. Those two targets turned into two receptions for 34 yards.

After being held off the scoresheet completely last week, Monday night was Davis’ third straight game with less than 40 receiving yards, and he hasn’t scored a touchdown since Week 3. He’s now on pace for 748 yards, his lowest total since 2008.

What’s especially troubling is that Davis’ continued plodding pace came in a game when Alex Smith was nearly perfect, completing all but one of his 19 pass attempts. Davis was featured minimally in an efficient passing attack, and once again even less than his positional partner Delanie Walker, who had 38 receiving yards on three targets, one of which came in the red zone.

So be frustrated, and be worried, and be angry, but don’t panic…yet. You’re aware of what you purchased: a tight end who will produce sporadically in a running-based offense, although Davis’ recent numbers are admittedly low and concerning despite that job description. He was widely the fourth tight end off the draft board in August, and if he doesn’t post more Davis-like numbers in Week 10 following the 49ers’ bye, then panic buttons should be mashed.

That’s when Davis will oppose a Rams pass defense that’s faced few elite tight ends and was gashed by Rob Gronkowski Sunday, giving up 146 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

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