When the beleaguered Philadelphia Eagles head to New Orleans and attempt to save their season — again — Michael Vick will be their starting Quarterback.

To be honest the whole ‘save their season’ cliche is one of the worst in all of sports — I’m guilty of using it, for that I apologize. But in some instances it’s apt. This is one of those cases. The Saints are terrible — their defense has given up more yards than any other team in league history at this point in the season. At 3-4, the Eagles are three games back of the Giants and two wins out of a wild card spot. It’s highly possible a 10-win team will miss out on the post-season in the NFC, so 3-5 means another lost season.

For those of you who’ve held on to Michael Vick this long — loyal folks, well done — he should be inserted into your starting lineup unless you’re fielding a top five fantasy quarterback. Here is why:

Player TDs Pass Yards Rush Yards Fantasy Points
Robert Griffin 2 320 42 24
Cam Newton 2 253 71 25
Matt Cassel 0 248 2 5
Aaron Rodgers 4 319 13 27
Philip Rivers 2 354 0 18
Josh Freeman 3 420 13 29
Peyton Manning 3 305 4 24

We can disregard Matt Cassel — the entire city of Kansas City hasĀ  — from this analysis, but the statistics don’t lie. The Saints defense has served as an elixir for quarterbacks around the league. One point worth noting is how the Saints run defense has fared. On the road, LeSean McCoy will be given a big opportunity to assert himself. If that’s the case Vick’s opportunities to rack up points will be limited.

Team Rush Yards Against
Washington 153
Carolina 219
Kansas City 273
Green Bay 102
San Diego 117
Tampa Bay 102
Denver 225

Neither Green Bay, San Diego or Tampa Bay had to run the ball due to their massive success in the air. But as we can see above the Saints defense can’t stop anyone. Vick should also be able to channel the success of Cam Newton and RG3, fellow QBs who like to run the ball. The Saints have only intercepted three passes this year, a fact that should boost a turnover prone Vick’s confidence.

So there it is, start Mike Vick this week. It may be the last chance you get.

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