Via the Dan Patrick show and PFT, Steve Spurrier says something relatively crazy:

“Alabama, gosh, they look like they could beat a couple of those NFL teams that I’ve watched on Sundays,” Spurrier said. “I think a lot of the oddsmakers out there, that usually know what’s going on, I’d guess Alabama would be favored by a little bit.”

Keep in mind Steve Spurrier’s dog is named hyperbole, but it’s always fun to deal with meaningless hypotheticals. Last year Charles Barkley — well versed in the Spurrier school of professional bullshittery — said the University of Kentucky Wildcats would beat the Toronto Raptors.

So let’s take a shot. From least likely to likely, the top five.

5. New Orleans Saints

As I mentioned earlier this morning, scoring points against the Saints defense is not difficult. I could see AJ McCarron, T.J. Yeldon and Eddie Lacy putting up a 15 spot on Joe Vitt’s crew of retreads. Problem is Drew Brees & Co. would score 60 points on the ‘Bama defense. Verdict: No chance

4. Cleveland Browns

Considering Brandon Weeden was already five years older than everyone else during his stint at Oklahoma State it’s possible the Crimson Tide would be able to lock down the Browns QB. Trent Richardson is only one year removed from college, how much better could he really be? Unfortunately, the Browns defense is actually pretty damn good. McCarron would get pummeled. Browns win 7-6 — their new favorite scoreline. Verdict: Extremely improbable

3. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers don’t run the ball effectively, they can’t defend and Ron Rivera may be the worst game caller in the league — an impressive feat considering the abundance of horrible coaches in the NFL. I still believe Cam Newton wins this game by himself in spite of how bad the Panthers have been this year. Verdict: Cam says no

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Blaine Gabbert looked like a decent NFL Quarterback against the Packers last week. The Jags, however, are still terrible. 32nd in passing, 27th in rushing , 23rd in opposing passing yards and 25th in opposing rushing yards. If this game is played in Tuscaloosa it’s a 50/50 toss up. Verdict: I believe

1. Kansas City Chiefs

This may be the match up Spurrier was referring to in regards to his oddsmakers quip. Brady Quinn is concussed and Matt Cassel is mentally destroyed. It’s possible Nick Saban’s team faces a Ricky Stanzi led Chiefs offense that refuses to give Jamaal Charles the carries he deserves. Dwyane Bowe may not be in Kansas City after tomorrow and the defense — well the defense continues to suck. Again, if this game is played in Tuscaloosa I’m giving even odds. Verdict: Stranger things have happened

In all seriousness the likelihood Spurrier is blowing smoke is extremely high. With that said, the SEC is basically the NFL’s AAA. Personally, Kansas City – Alabama on Thursday night would do way better ratings wise than tomorrow night’s abomination.

What do you think — is it possible?

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  1. Not a chance. Not even the slightest. Its easy to say all these things, but if Alabama played any NFL team they would end the night looking terrible, and we would all ask why we thought this in the first place.

    • Well put Ryan. Depth the biggest issue in the end. The starters could possibly hold their own, but once the reserves are called upon…

  2. Ross Tucker (former NFL player) and NFL analyst has said many times that an NCAA all star team would lose to the worst NFL team by at least four touchdowns.

  3. Nonsense. They would get waxed by any CFL team too. No comparison between 19-22 year olds and MEN!

  4. Yeah, this wouldn’t end well at all for Alabama. Speed, strength, experience, talent, depth, and NFL caliber QB play… there isn’t anything there that even remotely favors the college team.

  5. The BEST players from Alabama will get the chance to be drafted, and the best ones who are drafted will be NFL starters within the next few years, when they’ll get to START making football their fulltime job. Even the worst NFL players were among the best college players. Not. A. Chance.

  6. Here, however, is a little known historical fact. From 1936 until 1974 the NFL Champion played a team of college all stars every year in Chicago. It was called the Chicago All Star Game and was conceived and created by the editor fo the Chicago Tribune Sports Section, Arch Ward. The College All Stars, none of whom had ever played in an NFL game WON THE GAME NINE TIMES!!!!! THEY EVEN BEAT THE GREEN BAY PACKERS AND BART STARR!!!! The game was finally canceled for good after a riot broke out in 1974 when the game was stopped in the third quarter because of a thunder storm.

    • There were times when college football was better than professional football. But nowadays, and talking about from 1974 to now, the NFL has grown up too much and the speed and strehgt in the NFL Teams is too greater than NCAA’s. Teams in NCAA’s have players that someday could play on NFL League. And NFL Have players who already play an this level fulltime.

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