We’ve reached the point in the fantasy season where managers should pick a course of action for their team. There are three possible options:

1. Your team has no chance of making the playoffs, and if you’ve in a keeper league, you should begin the fire-sale immediately.

2. Your team is scrambling to make the playoffs, and all you care about is winning this coming Sunday.

3. Your team is destined for the playoffs, and you can afford the luxury of making some decisions based on future matchups (i.e. fantasy playoffs).

It’s crucial that you classify your team properly, because heading down the wrong path could cost you a championship.

BUY: Josh Freeman

Freeman’s recent hot streak is about more than the 420 yards and three TDs he threw two weeks ago vs the Saints. Over the last three weeks, Freeman has amassed nine touchdowns, over 1,000 passing yards, and over 70 fantasy points. Those numbers have came against two quite reputable defenses – Kansas City and Minnesota – and one porous defence in New Orleans.

Fantasy owners were hoping Freeman would revert to the form he showed in his sophomore campaign. He was extremely productive in 2010, finishing with 3,451 passing yards, 25 TDs, and just six INTs. A drop-off in 2011 made us wonder which Freeman would show up in 2012. After a slow start, it appears we have the 2010 version of Josh Freeman this year, which means if you need help at QB, this is your guy. We’ve seen this side of Freeman before, so you shouldn’t worry that this might be a flash in the pan. The addition of a true WR1 in Vincent Jackson makes it even more likely that we’ll continue to see Tampa Bay churn up the yards.

Freeman won’t impress you with his numbers rushing the ball. He’s not Cam Newton. However, he can make all the throws necessary to be a top talent in this league, and he’s starting to become more accurate with them. After throwing five interceptions in the first five games of the season, Freeman has zero INTs in his past two games. His head coach Greg Schiano stresses ball security, and his message is getting through.

Freeman is amazingly still available in some ESPN and Yahoo leagues (20% / 29%), but that surely won’t be the case in a couple weeks, so make your move before others catch on.

Players I would trade to acquire Josh Freeman: Andy Dalton, Mike Vick, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Tony Romo

SELL: Reggie Bush

Just when it appeared Bush was ready to become a top-tier feature back, Daniel Thomas started vulturing his touchdowns. Thomas has scored three TDs over the past six weeks in goal-line situations, and he’s slowly been eating into Bush’s carries.

Bush only has one touchdown over those last six weeks, and he hasn’t topped 20 carries since Week 2. A time share with Thomas is becoming more and more of a reality with each week that passes. In fact, Thomas actually had more carries than Bush last Sunday against the Jets. The Dolphins spent a second-round pick on Thomas two years ago, so they’ll continue to keep him involved in the offense.

Even if the time share doesn’t scare you away from Bush, his fantasy playoffs schedule should. The Dolphins play Seattle, New England, and San Francisco in weeks 12-14. Those three defenses rank in the top seven in yards per carry against.

Hopefully the Bush owner in your league hasn’t picked up on this yet, because it’s conceivable that you would want to bench him for all three of those matchups.

Players I would target when trading Reggie Bush: Doug Martin, Willis McGahee, Jamaal Charles & Trent Richardson

As always, if you have any trades that you’re currently pondering feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll give you my two cents worth.