We consider ourselves to be economically-conscious folk around here. We only go to the movies on cheap Tuesdays, and we load up on jumbo-sized paper towel at Costco.

So since the early games have featured both particularly bloody carnage on the scoreboard with three of the eight games at one point combining for a score of 76-19 (but hey shhhhh…there’s parity in this league), but more importantly an unusual level of bone busting and muscle bruising on the field, we thought it would be wise and efficient to pile a few quick injury updates together into one post.

While Jordy Nelson leaving and not coming back has a pretty obvious fantasy impact (he hurts so you hurt, his pain is your pain, etc.) the impact of these two injuries is maybe a little more marginal depending on your league settings.

Robert Mathis: A tough year for both Mathis and his IDP league owners continues. The Colts linebacker didn’t come out for the second half of a close and highly entertaining game against the Dolphins, with his return being called questionable due to a back injury. Mathis started today after a three-game absence, and despite playing in only four games this year he’s still been productive when healthy, with five sacks. That staying healthy part has been the problem.

Mathis’ injury also comes in a game when the starting centers for both teams have been lost due to injuries. Keep your heads up, Ryan Tannehill and Andrew Luck.

Kendall Wright: The severity of Wright’s elbow injury is unclear, as he was seen catching passes on the sideline after suffering the injury in the third quarter. Unfortunately, there are no recorded stats for sideline receptions, and those who started Wright as a bye-week filler or flex play against the Bears in deep leagues (all nine of you) aren’t benefiting from his game of catch. He could return, but really, late in a 44-12 game in which the Titans are getting their snot ripped out and handed to them by the Bears, why the hell would Mike Munchak bother to re-insert an injured rookie? As of this writing his return is questionable.