You’re familiar with this Sunday morning routine by now. I stumble 10 feet from my bed to my couch and start hitting keys, while you do the same, but instead you’re just sleeping in a different location. Then around 11:30 ET the official early-game inactives begin to trickle out, and so does your hair. Fun times indeed.

But before we get to the real fun in just a little bit, let’s take care of the most pressing and important injury item which really shouldn’t be either of those things. Calvin Johnson is expected to play.

That’s the good word from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, and really, although the concern about someone of Johnson’s caliber missing time is quite understandable, this was the expected outcome all week. As we wrote Friday, any worry about Johnson after he missed three practices this week was just concern of the instinctive, impulsive variety. He didn’t participate in practice because his treatment regimen dictated rest and limited work for a knee injury that’s bothered him for several weeks to the point that he’s admitted planting is difficult.

So even though he’s playing, you should brace for more hard times from Johnson, who’s killing fantasy owners with his lack of touchdowns, even though the rest of his numbers (receptions and receiving yards) are nearly identical to where they were through seven games last year. That doesn’t mean you should do something ridiculous and rash and sit him, because then you’d be the fool who sat Johnson when he exploded again, something he’s still capable of doing even at less than full health.

Just enter Sunday knowing that Megatron isn’t mega right now. He’s just regular tron, with his one touchdown (he had 10 at this point last year) resulting in only 67 fantasy points. That’s 18th among wide receivers, behind Andre Roberts. Ughs all around.