Earlier I used the headline “Jordy Nelson would like to make you smile” when the Packers receiver was surprisingly active despite a hamstring injury that kept him out of practice all week, and it was so severe that he wasn’t even able to test it Friday or do any light work.

Now Nelson would like to make you vomit uncontrollably. Or maybe that’s just the remains of last night’s Jack Daniels surging to the surface. Either way, watching Nelson roll over his ankle after an awkward catch — his first and likely only catch today — and then hobble to the sideline likely prompted an acid reflex of some kind.

Yep, that just happened. With the Packers in the red zone during the first quarter of their game against the Cardinals, Nelson went to the ground to corral a low throw from Aaron Rodgers. And when he did that he rolled over on his right ankle, and immediately left the game. Nelson was then seen in the ol’ face in hands pose on the sideline while expert Fox medical analyst Troy Aikman said that the fact he’s still wearing a sock bodes well. We’ll take it.

This all comes after many of you likely made the last-minute decision to slot Nelson into your lineup after learning that he’s active today. One injury isn’t tied to the other, as Nelson nearly didn’t play today due to a hamstring problem that kept him out last week. Still, there’s a special kind of excruciating awfulness associated with burning a roster spot with a last-minute change to insert a player who will now most likely net you zero points.

Stay safe out there.