I tried to resist posting this, because eventually I’ll be given the keys to the Doug Martin fan bus, and I can only imagine a Martin fantasy fan bus would look something like this, just jammed to the tits with jubilant owners.

So yeah, go wild, because you can. Martin’s 251 rushing yards yesterday tied him for the 10th best single-game rushing performance of all time, and when we add that with his four rushing touchdowns and 21 receiving yards, the math leads to 51 fantasy points using standard scoring. How absurd is that? Absurd enough that he jumped from ninth to first in fantasy points among running backs. In one day.

You knew that, though, so please keep consuming your egg nog, which stores are selling now and it’s glorious. My purpose here is to pass along another fun note about Martin’s run through history over the past two weeks. Yes, yesterday he was pretty good, but that performance understandably overshadows the fact that last week Martin was also rather productive with his 135 rushing yards, 79 receiving yards, and two touchdowns against the Vikings, a much stronger defense.

That’s even better math, as it ends in a pretty historic number.

Yeah, Martin’s name can now be said legitimately in a sentence with Walter Payton’s. For real, and he’s also the first running back with three touchdowns of 45 yards or more in one game. That’s in history. You know, the history of time.

Do not trade this man and think that you’re selling high, because you’ll be selling at the highest high point that anyone’s ever sold high from. I could have understood that approach a week ago, as Martin had posted 135 rushing yards after plugging along at a more moderate pace of 247 over his previous four games. So as impressive as his Week 8 production was, at the time it seemed like a vicious outlier, and that’s before we even begin to consider the potential impact of Carl Nicks and his season-long absence.

But now you own a rookie running back who’s being ridden, and ridden hard, with over 25 carries in each of his last two games. The only justifiable sell-high move is if you’re currently a fringe playoff team and looking to make a push, and you have great depth elsewhere among your running backs. That’s unlikely but still possible since Martin was often a sixth- or seventh-round pick.