Here’s a conversation between wide receiver Riley Cooper and special teams coach Bobby April that happened at some point this year during an Eagles practice.

April: So, I want you to lie down in the end zone, and stay perfectly still.

Cooper: Why coach?

April: This came to me during a dream vision quest yesterday. I was told that you’ll hide amongst the thick end-zone weeds, where only the most cunning elder defensive player can see you.

Cooper: Ummm, sure. But then what?


Cooper: But how long do I stay here?

April: Not long. Your instincts will tell you when to rise and assassinate the Brits, igniting our country on its path to freedom.

Cooper: Huh?

April: You’ll just know, son. You’ll just know.

What followed was actually really cool, if only the conclusion wasn’t illegal. With the Eagles trailing late in their eventual and inevitable loss last night after multiple trips inside the Saints’ 10-yard line resulted in zero points thanks to the generosity of Michael Vick and his woefully feeble offensive line, some desperation trickery was needed.

It came on the kick return following Drew Brees’ six-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham, and it was equal parts comedy and genius, with the latter adjective only applying if it, you know, worked. First, let’s relive the moment in still picture form.

You can’t see Cooper. He’s hiding.

(via SB Nation)

Shhhh, we’re hunting Saints. Be vawwwy quiet.

Here’s the result of those ninja tactics: a 94-yard touchdown return that was called back because of a forward pass, which is sort of illegal.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid later said that “we thought we had a read on something there, and we gave it a whirl.” Points for creativity and innovation, Andy, just no points on the scoreboard.