Or something. We really don’t know why he’s inactive, we just know that those who had enjoyed using him with the knowledge that Josh Gordon now wears Chris Givens pajamas since the two receivers are identical in their speedy deep ball ways aren’t enjoying very much in life at this very second.

Here’s what we do know: he’s inactive for the Rams’ late afternoon game today against the 49ers because he evidently broke a team rule. Rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins is also inactive for the same reason, which is greeted with exactly zero surprise. Red flags are still red.

It must have been a rather egregious violation to sit Givens, because a 3-5 team that’s lost three straight games shouldn’t be messing around with petty discipline and benching a player who just set a rookie record. Like Gordon, Givens is quite good at catching deep balls, and only deep balls, as prior to the Rams’ Week 10 bye he became the first rookie to have a catch of 50 yards or more in five straight games.

That’s a pretty incredible run, and what made it even more astounding is the yardage Givens accumulated on minimal receptions. During that stretch he had 324 receiving yards on just 11 receptions for an average of  — wait for it — 29.5 yards per catch. Although Givens remains relatively untouched in most fantasy leagues (only 2.5 percent ownership in ESPN leagues), deep-ish league managers could have done much worse in their flex spot. Booming is much better than busting, and Givens has certainly flexed his boom muscle of late. Chicks dig the boom muscle.

Now that clever flex play is gone because Givens is apparently an idiot.