Today you’ll likely continue to be reminded that being active doesn’t always mean being effective. Also, the sucky Bills run defense just got even suckier. Sunday!

Here are the most notable inactives/actives so far for the eight early games, and we’ll likely, probably add a few more. Known depression has been confirmed, and there are few surprises.


Stevie Johnson (

Percy Harvin (ankle): This is just finalizing a known fact from earlier this morning, and for that matter earlier this week. Anyone who believed the Vikings when they told those who desired to listen that there was a slight chance of a Harvin sighting today is also easily deceived by non-fat frozen yogurt because of its gooey goodness.

Aaron Hernandez (ankle): Welp, it’s official. Hernandez is inactive despite looking super awesome in practice this week, and seemingly making steady progress. If anyone needs me I’ll be holding a boom box somewhere in New England.

Chris Kelsay (neck): Did you think the Bills’ run defense couldn’t get worse? Ha. The Bills won’t back down from any challenge of terribleness. Kelsay will be replaced by Kyle Moore, making a really fun day for Stevan Ridley and even Shane Vereen even more awesome. The Bills’ defense is the leading giver of fantasy awesome.


Ahmad Bradshaw (foot): Yawwwwwnnnn. The world would begin a death spin if Bradshaw wasn’t on the injury report, and while there’s rarely any legitimate concern about him missing game action because of his chronic foot injury, it’s quite obviously restricting his ability to cut and accelerate, and therefore the injury is also slowing his production. He’s been below 50 rushing yards in two of his last three games, a stretch in which he’s averaged only 3.4 yards per carry. With another similar performance today Bradshaw’s injury will knock him into RB3 territory, and in the same group as other fading/struggling veterans like Steven Jackson.

Titus Young (ankle): Similar to Bradshaw, this is a case where being active is swell, but being effective is an entirely different discussion. Young wasn’t able to practice until Friday, and after ascending to become the Lions’ No. 2 receiver following Nate Burleson’s injury and exploding for 181 receiving¬† yards and two touchdowns over two games, he had just 20 yards on two catches last week. Proceed with caution, as Young is only a flex option at best due to his lingering injury.

Hakeem Nicks (knee): Nicks was never in much danger of missing the Giants’ game today against Philadelphia, even though earlier this week his knee was described as having “puffiness,” which is a medical term. But you’re noticing a theme here: similar to both Young and Nicks, game action doesn’t mean the player in question is healthy.¬†Nicks has struggled significantly with his knee since a 10-catch Week 2 explosion when he finished with 199 yards and a touchdown against the Bucs. He’s missed three games since then, and he’s recorded only 153 receiving yards over his last four games at a very modest pace of 11.7 yards per catch. He’s simply lacked the burst to separate and find space.

Stevie Johnson (thigh): Yet again, there’s little surprise here. Although he could be slowed slightly by an injury that forced him to miss one practice this week, Johnson still has a highly appealing matchup against a Patriots secondary that’s giving up 281.1 yards per game, and most importantly New England is routinely surrendering chunk yardage through the air, as the Pats have allowed the most receptions of 20 yards or more (42). Also, Patriots safety Patrick Chung is out, making this matchup even more attractive for both Johnson and Donald Jones.