UPDATE: Feel free to sigh heavily. Jones has returned, but how limited he is remains to be seen. He’ll need a late-game outburst to salvage his fantasy day.

All is not well for those undefeated Falcons who get no respect ever, which is why Tony Gonzalez wants to eat you. Drew Brees just did a thing that Drew Brees does often, tossing a 29-yard pass that landed in Jimmy Graham’s hands for a touchdown, making this Brees’ 52nd straight game with a TD pass.

Quickly, Atlanta’s early 10-0 lead has evaporated after 14 unanswered points which mostly came through a ground gashing highlighted by Chris Ivory’s 56-yard touchdown romp. Just four minutes into the second quarter the Falcons have already given up 96 total rushing yards at a pace of 10.7 per carry. For those without an abacus handy, that’s a first down every time the Saints run.

But it gets worse, because of course it does. While the above two paragraphs are depressing only to Falcons fans, this next item hurts you, the owner of a key player on an explosive offense.

Julio Jones left the game with what’s being called a shin injury, and his return is questionable, according to multiple sources. Jones seemed to plant and turn awkwardly after an 11-yard reception, and he was then taken to the locker room. He later returned to the sidelined and was still being examined by team trainers, but he seemed to be in some discomfort. That sound you heard was Jones owners hitting themselves with hard objects after anticipating great production against the league’s worst pass defense.

And then immediately after that the other sound you heard was Roddy White owners rejoicing, and to a lesser extent Tony Gonzalez owners too. White’s now set to receive all the deep looks, a formula that’s already led to a rather productive afternoon only midway through the second quarter. He has five catches for 100 yards.