What a world.

In real-time, it was about 15 minutes between Eagles fans finally getting what they wished for so deeply — but getting it the hard way when Michael Vick left with a concussion and Nick Foles came in — and Alex Smith getting gonged with a helmet-to-helmet hit, suffering a concussion of his own during the 49ers-Rams game. Everything is happening.

Smith will miss the remainder of the game. He’s been replaced by Colin Kaepernick, and that may be an upgrade for fantasy purposes. Yes, I’m aware that I’m a cold-hearted dick for thinking that while a human just had his brains scrambled. Give me your worst.

Smith’s fantasy production is the epitome of average, and average is fine during bye weeks. But with byes ending next week, having the mobile and elusive Kaepernick under center for any length of time might be the jolt that Vernon Davis needs. Karpernick’s versatility could create opportunities and open space, and when he inevitably gets into trouble he’ll turn to his tight end security blanket first.