Dolphins fans and awesome tat/detachable body part ink seem to go together like pants and legs. Every team has crazy fans, but this trend seems to go beyond the simple insanity that’s commonplace among those crazies. The hypothesis I’ve arrived at is that Dolphins fans cling to the one uniting symbol of pride they have left: the team’s perfect season.

Yesterday we met a man who’s taken that just a little too far. As in stomach-covering tattoo too far. Also, I like this man.

He first surfaced during the CBS broadcast as he stood amid a sea of bright orange seats in Miami while watching his beloved Dolphins get pasted by the Titans 37-3. You know, the same Titans team that lost 51-20 last week.

But then later in the evening (or maybe this is an old picture…don’t know, don’t care, because awesomeness takes priority over time sensitivity) this man who likely wasn’t born yet in 1972 had a reason to celebrate. The Falcons’ loss to the Saints guaranteed that yet another year would tick by with the ’72 Dolphins still the only team to have a perfect season.

That’s when this happened: (via the Sports Hernia)

Give me your life, bro. Give me your life.

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  1. Your article is wrong they aren’t the only defeated team since the merger.You forget about the Pats going 16-0?

  2. By the way Adam it’s ‘undefeated’, not ‘defeated’, that would suggest the lost every game.

  3. I am super curious as to what the guy’s tat is in the back right side of this photo. It is clearly the circle that is around the Dolphin of the team’s logo in team colors, but what is in it? Is that a gun? A hand cheese slicer? A paint roller?

  4. Lose the gay nipple rings dude!

  5. i have no words, whats with the chick too?

  6. unforgotten? Is that even a word? Shouldn’t it be never forgotten? What D-bag

  7. It’s amazing how people can be anything they want to on the internet, yet most of you choose to be stupid! The Pats were not undefeated, they were 18-1, not 19-1, not defeated… what’s really amazing, is that nobody noticed that this guys tattoo is a huge FAIL. There is no such word as ‘unforgotten’, repeat this winners ” I AM SOFA KING, WE TODD DID”

  8. I wanna see his buddies tat next to him lol

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