The risk/reward game is often a futile one. I can claim that, say, Darren McFadden owners are getting what they purchased when he now inevitably misses a handful of games. But then Adrian Peterson owners who took a far greater risk on draft day will point at me and laugh. They’ll probably do that anyway, but at least they have a reason now.

Injuries are random events, and those four words are not a random event. I’ve written them repeatedly, but it’s an important mantra to keep in mind when you’re core temperature is rising because of a player who’s supposedly injury prone is, in fact, injured.

Now, with that said: I hate you, DeMarco Murray.

Like many of you, I too am a Murray owner. There was a time earlier this year when I thought being a Chris Johnson owner would be the worst experience of this fantasy season. But at least he was and still is, you know, playing. Murray hasn’t done much of that this year, and he likely still won’t this week.

For those keeping score (*raises hand*), we’ve gone from Murray hopefully and likely returning for Week 8 to him being out still in Week 11, and the light at the end of our tunnel is faint and flickering at best. Jerry Jones is the giver of bad news, and he did some truth telling on the Murray front earlier this morning on his radio show, saying that given his style of play Murray isn’t effective unless he’s at full health.

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

“He is a physical running back,” Jones said on his radio show Tuesday on KRLD-FM 105.3 The Fan. “You want to be very comfortable for him to make his cut. All of that has to be right before he goes out there because we got to look down the road here. We hope we are in this thing and needing him on every play as we move forward even beyond Cleveland.”

Rhetoric is Jones’, and the emphasis is mine.

Murray still hasn’t passed all of his physical tests to be able to practice at full speed, which is why even right now before the week of practice begins Jones is looking beyond Week 11 as far as his regular starting running back’s playing status is concerned. Dallas hosts Cleveland this Sunday, and the Browns have the league’s 27th-ranked run defense that’s giving up 132.2 yards per game. So a week after Felix Jones had a good if not spectacular 4.8 yards per touch on 19 carries and three receptions, you see where this could be headed. It would be senseless to risk further injury if Murray still isn’t quite ready in a game where the Cowboys’ offense will be just fine thanks while rolling with Jones against a weak front seven.

So grab your waiver poking stick if you weren’t lucky enough to land Jones weeks ago. We’ll hunt later today with the usual Tuesday afternoon waiver bible, but for now do something to contain those tears as your early-round running back likely gets prepared to miss his fifth game.

I suggest egg balancing.