Buffalo will never be mistaken for Miami, Las Vegas or Toledo for that matter. With that said I love the city. Good people, diabetes inducing food and the Bills mafia have made it one of my favorite cities in the world — seriously.

On the Paul and Young Ron show, Bush was goaded into ripping the fine women of Buffalo. Based on Bush’s taste, they may have dodged a bullet.

But this isn’t TMZ, so instead of criticizing Bush for appearing on a radio show that could’ve been parodied on a horrible Saturday Night Live sketch, we’ll take a look at the declining production of one of this season’s early fantasy stars.

Since his 172 yard breakout performance against the Oakland Raiders in week two, the USC product has been thoroughly average. In the seven games since Bush has managed to break the 50 yard mark just three times, failing to amass over 70 yards in those games. He’s rushed for just two touchdowns since Oakland. After a costly fumble early in the first quarter against the Titans last week, Joe Philbin relegated Bush to the bench. The rookie head coach went with Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas the rest of the way — though the running game was rendered irrelevant thanks to the lopsided score.

Bush hasn’t handling the benching well. After delivering the standard ‘I just gotta be better’ quotes to beat reporters, Bush’s true feelings emerged during his fateful appearance with Paul and Young Ron. “I’m not gonna sit here and say it doesn’t bother me,” Bush said. “It does bother me.”

Tomorrow night in Orchard Park should be the perfect scene for the start of Bush’s redemption tour. Buffalo’s run defense has been the epitome of garbage this year, allowing a total of 1,473 rushing yards and 163.7 a game. In the the last two weeks the Bills run D has been stout–for them–allowing an average of 117.5 yards per game. That number would still put them in the bottom third of the league.

So lambaste Buffalo all you want, Reggie. The Queen City may serve as the elixir for your problems.

h/t to PFT.