Fantasy trade deadlines are around the corner, meaning it’s time to get active since this will be your last chance to make significant changes to your roster.

In this week’s edition of the Trading Post, we get ready to cut ties with a very productive quarterback, and we seize the opportunity to dump an unreliable running back.

SELL: Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton has taken us on a great ride thus far in 2012, but there are dark clouds looming ahead. Dalton currently ranks 12th among quarterbacks with 145 standard fantasy points this season. He’s been very consistent too, scoring less than 10 points just twice. It just so happened that both of those games came against top tier pass defenses in Pittsburgh and Baltimore (before the Ravens lost Lardarius Webb).

The bad news for Dalton and his current owners is that his schedule in the fantasy playoffs is absolutely brutal. Most leagues begin playoffs in Week 14, when Dalton and the Bengals host the Dallas Cowboys. Rookie Morris Claiborne and free agent acquisition Brandon Carr have revamped the Cowboys’ secondary, giving them the seventh-ranked pass defense in the league. In Week 15, Dalton will travel to Philadelphia, where Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the 12th-ranked Eagles secondary figure to make his life hell.

In Week 16, when most leagues are holding their championship game, Dalton will face his rivals from Pittsburgh. In their first meeting this season, the top-ranked Steelers pass D held Dalton to just 105 passing yards and only six fantasy points. If your league extends the playoffs into week 17, you’ll find another date with Baltimore awaiting Dalton and the Bengals.

This is a pretty drastic situation and you should act accordingly.

Players I would target when trading Andy Dalton: Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Joe Flacco, and Matt Schaub

SELL: Jamaal Charles

Charles has been somewhat of an enigma thus far in 2012. The concerns aren’t related to how he has responded from off-season ACL surgery. They are more to do with his usage rate. Jamaal’s touches have fluctuated wildly throughout the season, and I wouldn’t want to enter the fantasy playoffs with that uncertainty.

Charles’ 23 carries for over 100 yards and a touchdown against the Steelers will provide you with an opportunity to sell-high. That game is by no means an indication of things to come, as this coaching staff hasn’t been giving Charles the chance to succeed on a regular basis. Against Oakland and Buffalo – two of the ten worst run defenses in the league – Charles posted a total of 11 carries. For some reason, Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll only gave his most dangerous offensive threat 11 carries against two terrible rush defenses. It’s inexcusable, and makes me nervous about Charles’ playoff potential.

Kansas City’s fantasy playoff schedule includes a few tantalizing matchups, with Indianapolis and Oakland on the slate in weeks 15 and 16, but don’t fall for that trap. Charles isn’t reliable, and you should try to use that favorable playoff schedule to dupe another owner.

Players I would target when trading Jamaal Charles: Willis McGahee, Trent Richardson, Chris Johnson, and Alfred Morris

As always, feel free to post any trades you made or are considering making in the comments section and I will give you my two cents worth

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  1. When this appears on the front page of the score, it may be an idea to include FANTASY somewhere in the title….


    • This is a fantasy football blog, something that should become clear in the first sentence of this post. And if you need the headline for clarification, if says “Trading Post,” which is a pretty strong hint.

      Also, the first word is “Fantasy”. So yeah…

  2. In a 12 team dynasty. Guy wants to trade me witten,mcgahee, hillman for pettigrew,r.mathews, greg jennings. I am hesitating as mathews is down in value right now. Thoughts?

    • For whatever the reason may be, Norv Turner continues to give Ronnie Brown a bunch of work each week. It could be the fumbling, the pass protection or whatever. Either way, Mathews is def down in value right now.

      I like McGahee because he will continue to see consistent carries and red zone opportunities with the high-powered Denver offense. He has a much higher floor than mathews right now. Since you’re in a dynasty league though, you have to consider long term implications here. Mathews is 6 years younger than willis, which is significant.

      You’re getting a pretty large upgrade at tight end and greg jennings is out indefinitely and hasn’t done any practicing. Looks like the best case scenario for Jennings is to miss 2-3 more weeks and that’s best case. However, since this is dynasty, losing jennings for short term gain might not be wise. He is only 29 years old and should bounce back strong next year.

      If you want to go for the championship this year, I would pull the trigger. Your team will be better this year. However, you’re really hurting yourself long term, so if you don’t have a chance to win this year, don’t do it.

  3. I have Arian Foster, Doug Martin, Trent Richardson and Jamaal Charles. I can only start 2 RBs and one in the FLEX so I am looking to unload Charles. I need a WR. Who are some WRs that I should target for Charles?

    • Great crop of running backs!

      I would target these guys:

      Demaryius Thomas
      Roddy White
      Julio Jones
      Percy Harvin
      Randall Cobb
      Larry Fitzgerald
      Reggie Wayne
      Erik Decker (if all else fails)

      and obviously u can take a stab at aj green, calvin and brandon marshall but don’t expect results. I wouldn’t do it for cruz or nicks right now. Something is very wrong with the giants passing game

      • My league must be pretty down on Charles. I tried for most of the receivers you listed. I did find one person willing to trade, they are offering Antonio Gates and Denarius Moore. I have Pettigrew so I feel like Gates is an upgrade and Moore has upside. Am I settling on value or does this seem pretty good?

        • I would take this trade. For starters your team will be better at the end of the day since you can’t start all 4 of those rbs.

          Gates appears to be healthy and that means he is one of the top-5 tight ends in the league and a large upgrade from pettigrew. Taking a look at denarius moore’s game log and he is quite consistent. Appears to have a higher floor than I thought. And you’re right the upside is def there because of his big play potential. The combo of those two guys is better than a lot of the guys I listed

  4. Big Ben on my team and I’m in panic mode now…7-3 record tied for 1st in an 18 team league…RBs are hard to come by for everyone.

    I have Leftwich and Kaepernick…news on BB doesn’t sound good.

    Pull a trade or sit tight?

    Ray Rice, Howling LaRod, Hillman, Hardesty on my roster.

  5. Well you have two RB’s that could get you some return. I wouldn’t trade LaRod because it will likely be a one-for-one and the qb upgrade from leftwich to whoever you get for howling, will not be worth it. Trading Rice is a tricky proposition. You need to get a starting RB and a starting QB in return, to even begin discussions.

    I think your best option is to go digging on the waiver wire. Alex Smith appears to be on track to play Monday. Mick Vick on the other hand looks to miss some time. I like Nick Foles more than leftwich but he prolly isn’t available for you. If there are no starters available on waivers, don’t feel terrible about rolling with leftwich. He is similar to BB in a lot of ways and he has weapons around him at receiver.

    • Thanks for the reply…going to roll with Leftwich then…all QBs are taken…one dude picked up KC’s Cassel from the wire Wednesday as a cock block I guess…not sure I would of used him anyways…

      Hopefully my waiver pick up from last week Cowboys D will give me the same points as last week to give me another W. Mucho points last week from them…

      Again thanks and pray for Big Ben !

      • No problem. I think Cassel and Leftwich are pretty much equivilant fantasy wise so no big loss there. BB is a tough sob, I wouldn’t expect him to miss much time

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