Not even past their prime Hollywood stars can save us.

Are you on good terms with your Fantasy Football commissioner?

The aftermath of Yahoo’s fantasy servers going down are still being felt today, with Ken Fuchs releasing another FAQ for still irate fantasy owners.

The biggest piece of news:

In private leagues, the Commissioner can decide whether to let the results stand, change rosters after the fact, or vacate the week. If the Commissioner chooses to vacate the week, there will be tools within the game to help facilitate the process.

For public leagues, results will stand as they are currently. We evaluated several options and, while we know that there will be users for which this is still problematic, we determined that this was the best option with likely the least impact to the least users.

That’s pretty big.

You would have to be dense not to acknowledge the potential problems this may cause. Owners who set their lineups well in advance of 12 pm on Sunday will feel no remorse for rival managers who were too busy doing ‘things’ and having a ‘life’. Vacating the week entirely would discombobulate potential playoff brackets and leave the more unhinged of us out there with a thirst for revenge.

For most playing in private leagues, these people are our friends. We will see them again, even when this fantasy football campaign ends. Whether those reunions are a scene of smiles and handshakes or a woeful tale for the police blotter will be determined in the coming days.