This won’t devolve into another rant in which my bias is revealed, and I out myself as the union leader of the delirious DeMarco Murray owners support group. We meet on Thursdays, punch and pie.

No, this will be brief, and consider it both an addition to that very rant from earlier this week, and also a sort of repetition of the McFadden post from this morning.

More on that in a second. First, this…

Like McFadden, optimism hasn’t befriended Murray this year, a relationship that’s not about to take shape over the next two weeks either. The schedule is quite the jerk too, as with the Cowboys playing their traditional Thanksgiving Day game next week before America bludgeons itself with action figures, they have two games over a five-day stretch teed up. That’s deadly for a running back with a chronic foot injury, and the Cowboys have said repeatedly that it’s an injury which will keep Murray from game participation until he’s fully healthy.

To a lesser extent, we’ve now arrived at the McFadden precipice with Murray. Even though he said yesterday that Wednesday was the best day of his foot’s life, there’s a growing chance that he’ll miss two more games. That would bring his absence to six games when it was originally projected to be only a far more brief and minor tw0-game recovery time.

Therefore, we quite likely won’t get a Murray sighting until Week 13, the second-last week of the regular season in many fantasy leagues, and the final week in many more. So yes, for fringe, middle-of-the-packish teams in re-draft leagues that have lost all waiting luxury, don’t hold off another day to shop Murray, especially with trade deadlines looming.

We’re reaching desperate times for that playoff push, so address another area of need — any area at all — and move Murray for whatever price you can obtain. Holding on is quickly becoming both stubborn and useless.