Andre Johnson has defined the volatile nature of the wide receiver position this year, with his production fluctuating wildly. He’s posted two +100 yard receiving games, and three with less than 40 yards, with the low light being his 15 yards in Week 5.

Today the good Johnson has resurfaced with his 132 yards thus far in Houston’s game against Jacksonville, and it’s only halftime. What’s especially encouraging is that Johnson’s output includes a 45-yard catch, the kind of deep ball production that’s been sorely lacking from his game in recent weeks.

A 34-yard catch two weeks ago is an outlier, as it’s Johnson’s only catch for 20 yards or more since Week 4. Despite missing nine games last year due to injury, Johnson still finished with 10 catches for +20 yards, and this year he’s on pace for just 11 in a full season.