The multitude of terrible head coaches patrolling NFL sidelines is now an epidemic. NFL fans already have a tough time separating important things from the trivial, these guys are making it worse.

Ron Rivera and Greg Schiano put on a clinic on how not to be good at your job in Carolina. Jeff Fisher’s zany decision making finally met the crushing weight of reality and worst of all, Ken Whisenhunt’s attempt at thinking outside the box produced the most unwatchable offensive display of the season. And I’m a Bills supporter.

Up 13 against the NFC’s best team–a narrative that can mercifully die after Matty Ice’s dreadful, five interception performance– Whisenhunt decided to bench starting Quarterback John Skelton. Make no mistake, Skelton was not performing at a high level. 2 for 7, six yards of passing and a QB rating of 39.6 are numbers indicative of how shit Skelton was.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals Kevin Kolb was unavailable –words I never thought I’d type for 200, Alex– and thus making a change to rookie Ryan Lindley would probably be unwise. Throwing caution to the wind, along with his playbook and any hopes of escaping Atlanta with a season changing victory, Whiz put the rookie in.

Lindley was terrible. 9 for 20, 64 yards and a paltry 52.9 QB rating tell the story. Ken Whisenhunt is an idiot. Again, I don’t envy the person who has to rely on John Skelton, but inserting a sixth round rookie –Tom Brady etc. etc. Shut up– into an atmosphere slightly more menacing than a mid-season game at San Diego State is akin to asking Ron Rivera to coach your football team. It’s dumb.

If you started John Skelton in fantasy football today you’re intelligence must be questioned. Hopefully you’ll find solace in the fact that you’re smarter than Ken Whisenhunt. This office needs an eye wash machine.