LeSean McCoy carted off

LeSean McCoy was carted off the field during the Eagles’ embarrassing attempt to look like a professional football team this afternoon after suffering a concussion.

McCoy was rocked by a helmet-to-helmet hit from Madieu Williams at the end of a seven-yard run late in Philadelphia’s 31-6 loss to Washington. That, of course, leads to a simple question that Andy Reid will be asked repeatedly this week if he’s still employed in the NFL: why the hell was McCoy getting carries in the final minutes of a 25-point loss?

We’ll monitor this injury and pass along further updates as they become available. The fantasy impact is quite obvious: doom. McCoy was unanimously a top five pick in drafts, so any prolonged absence from a player at the top of a position that takes a steep dive after the top tier will be absolutely crippling, especially as we head into the final weeks before the fantasy playoffs. McCoy owners should make a waiver claim on Bryce Brown immediately.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Exhale.