Apologies for the late posting here, guys. I was a little busy yanking hair from any place where it grows on my body.

Soooo with that mental image etched, let’s move on to two thoughts following the late block of games that were decided by a combined score of 127-64. Yep.

Marcel Reece can do everything

I’m fine with Darren McFadden missing a lot of football, but I say that as someone who isn’t currently going through the agony of owning him. My condolences to the Run DMC owners out there. Stay strong.

But after his 193 yards from scrimmage today on 23 touches during Oakland’s loss to New Orleans after 102 yards last week, here’s the cold, hard truth about Marcel Reece: he’s been McFadden’s equal.

The sample size is, of course, admittedly very small. But in his eight games this year, McFadden has eclipsed 100 all-purpose yards three times. That’s not awful, and not great. It’s, well, quite expected from a running back who was an early-round pick at a premium position. But in comes Reece now as a waiver wire claim who wasn’t drafted by anyone expect those in 22-team leagues that start five running backs, and he has two straight 100-yard games in two starts, and 295 yards during that stretch.

It’s odd, and inexplicable. A healthy McFadden has more burst and breakaway speed, yet he’s struggled in the Raiders’ zone-blocking scheme. But Reece is producing fine in the same system, likely due to his greater presence in the passing game.

Danario Alexander still wants to be your WR2

Or maybe just your wide receiver, on any roster. Danario Alexander needs a home. Any home will due. The mercury is falling as winter nears, so please, show that holiday spirit and give a wide receiver a warm place to sleep, and a home-cooked meal.

I fully understand that many of you are hesitant with Alexander, and he’s earned your hesitancy by teasing us with breakouts in recent years, and then promptly breaking something. But if you have even the most remote wide receiver need on your roster, there’s no reason why you aren’t claiming Alexander after his production today against the Broncos. He caught seven passes for 96 yards and two touchdowns, giving him 230 receiving yards and three touchdowns over just the two games since Norv Turner finally concluded that Robert Meachem is an overrated disaster.

During that stretch he’s averaged 20.9 yards per reception, and he’s had a catch of 20 yards or more in three straight games. Yet even after his 134-yard explosion last week that included an 80-yard touchdown, Alexander still remained almost universally unowned in ESPN leagues (4.5 percent owned).

Employ this man.