UPDATE: Multiple sources including ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Tom Curran from CSN New England have now confirmed that Gronk’s forearm is indeed broken. He’ll be out for four-to-six weeks, and even on the optimistic end of that his fantasy season is nearly shot, with a chance still remaining that Gronkowski could return for championship week (Week 16). What’s odd is that he reportedly suffered the injury late in the game while blocking during the Patriots’ final extra point attempt. Similar to the concussion sustained by LeSean McCoy during garbage time, one now wonders why the hell one of the best players in the game at his position was playing during the final minutes of a 59-24 blowout. And if he’s going to play meaningless minutes and needlessly risk injury, why was he blocking during an extra point that was the Pat’s 59TH POINT of the game? The only good news — and I use that so very, very loosely — for fantasy purposes here is that now when Aaron Hernandez mercifully returns, he’ll see far more targets. So hey, who’s smart now for signing 19 tight ends during the offseason? #Belichicked

That sound you just heard was heads being plunged into buckets of cold water. What? That’s what I do whenever I’m scared. It’s calming.

Rob Gronkowski is the best tight end in fantasy, leading the position with 104 points prior to today. And that lead is about to grow quite a bit after he caught seven passes for 137 yards and two touchdowns during New England’s blowout win over the Colts. The math on that leads to 25 fantasy points, a pretty tidy sum from the tight end position. It was Gronk’s second +130 yard performance over his last three games, and the two scores gave him 10 on the season through 10 games, making him the first tight end in league history with 10 or more touchdowns in three consecutive seasons.

But since we can’t have nice things, Gronkowski injured his arm during the win, and now Ian Rapoport would like to injure your fantasy soul.

Rapoport reports that the Patriots fear Gronkowski has broken his forearm. While details remain unclear at this point and further tests are certainly required, it’s likely that even if Gronk’s season isn’t done with this injury, his fantasy season could be with most leagues concluding in Week 16.

That’s all speculation right now, though, as it’s not even clear which arm is injured. Just stay away from sharp objects and the aforementioned cold water bucket for the next little while, but mentally prepare for shattering doom. This won’t end well.