I’m not sure what’s riskier: skydiving with no parachute and testing your long-held theory that humans can levitate on command, or starting a hobbled Danny Amendola today.

But the latter option is now available to you even though the Rams receiver missed practice all week due to a heel injury and was therefore viewed as having less than zero chance of playing today. Yet here we are, looking at an inactives list for St. Louis’ game this afternoon against Arizona that doesn’t include Amendola’s name.

It’s simply shocking whenever a player doesn’t practice all week even on a limited basis and is listed as doubtful, and then he plays, especially when the player in question is as brittle as Amendola. That’s why there’s a growing suspicion Amendola could get Boobie Miles’ed, likely either staying on the sideline for much of the game, or being used only as a decoy to draw attention even when he is on the field.

Due to the game’s late-afternoon start, Amendola owners likely made their bed already, and they’re sleeping soundly. You benched him in favor of another option playing in the early games, which was a wise and cunning move. I’d stick with that thought process even if you still have a roster spot available due to the aforementioned likelihood that Amendola will be used minimally.

If you get burned, so be it. Risk >>>>>>>>> reward.